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Combine Musical Theatre, Pop Punk, Rock and a wild imagination and you get Tricia Fitz. Tricia’s soul-piercing vocal versatility defies the norm and takes audiences through an epic range of emotions, as featured in her upcoming album, “Epic Penguin Sharks” to be released in Fall 2020.

Born in Brazil, raised in the USA, and living in Quebec, Canada, Tricia has been working in the music industry since 2008 as a vocal coach, artist mentor, and performer. She has had great success helping others achieve their musical goals, and now she is switching lanes and embarking on her own musical journey. Influenced by Freddie Mercury, Devin Townsend, and Andrew W.K, Tricia transcends genres and questions normality.

Tricia fully embraces her cultural diversity and likes to perform songs in up to four different languages (English, Portuguese, French, and Simlish). Tricia also nods to her musical theatre influence and includes props and scenery in her live performances. She leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, as they never know what’s going to come next. It’s never just a simple performance; it’s the Tricia Fitz guarantee that you will leave entertained at the least. At most, you will be infected with epic positivity and have your energy gauge refilled and ready to face the world!

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